Saturday, August 29, 2009

The World Says Good-bye to Ted Kennedy

We have lost a person whom represented the best hope in humankind. The Kennedy name means so much to the underdogs of the world. They dream of a better place for all. The death of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy gave their lives for the betterment of society. Sure they were political and far from perfect, yet they had dreams of at least trying to do something. Now, we watch the passing of their younger brother Ted M. Kennedy. This is a true lost for the voiceless.

Ted Kennedy represented our best hopes. Yeas he was liberal, but he had compassion. He understood pain and suffering. He and his family are rich, but they cared for the less fortunate. He fought for human rights.

Even the conservatives acknowledged his compassion although they did not agree with him on many issues. We can all learn from this imperfect man. Sure he had problems. Yet he always fought the good fight. We say good-bye and sail on in the dream of a better place. The world says good-bye.


Tricia said...

I think everyone should be treated with respect no matter of their political views. I don't like to read about people slamming him ag=fter his death. It's just not right.

Dr. James said...

Good point. The dead should rest in peace. We are wise to follow the golden rule. The question is, how would we like to be treated, then act accordingly. Thank you for your comment.