Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy wanted Health Care

Rest in peace Sen Edward Kennedy. The nation lost a real fighter for human rights. His death is the end of the old liberal ideals of a great society and new deal. The end of dreams of a nation for everyone living in brother and sisterhood. The dreams of Camelot, the perfect world.

America is the only major industrial nation with out universal health care,yet we spend more than any other nation. This was Sen. Kennedy's issue. The Kennedy Family has historically fought the losing cause. Civil Rights, Human Rights, Gay Rights, Worker Rights, Woman Rights and all of the rights that people on the right fine displeasure.

We find ourselves in a new day. A time to move forward without necessarily caring for the different and the have nots. We are caught in wars with people we do not know and for reasons unknown. Sen. Kennedy apposed these wars. I once dreamed of a perfect world. Perhaps, it is in another place other than this one. I still have hope.Life is not easy. But tomorrow is another day. Yet, there will be one less Kennedy to dream the dreams of Camelot.

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Tricia said...

I wish your country all the best with receiving universal health care. I believe that every person desearve this. I think it is a basic right. You have a very good point... I find it amazing that the US governemt spend around twice as much per person a year on health care than Canada does an Canada everyone has FREE care. It's just simple mind blowing. Good luck!