Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Health Care Reform making You Sick?

Lately there has been so much ugliness regarding health care reform. People are literally screaming in the streets. What is all of this fuss over? Is there something about health care that makes people ill?

The people hollering the most have insurance, jobs, homes and a vested interest in stepping 47 million people without health care. Why is it that we can not help these people is a real question? What if we went without 3 nuclear bombs, would this satisfy this problem?

In conclusion, we need to reduce cost and waste. Preventive medicine is one answer in the long term. Reducing taxes is another measure to give credit for having insurance. I am not sick yet. However, it is making me nervous. I hope we can reach closure on this matter and create jobs foe everyone.


viva-lasvegas said...

what will be.. will be

DK Miller said...

Nice post! I couldn't agree more.

Tricia said...

A view from an outsider (a Canadian) - In the US, I have observed this since a small child from News, TV, movie, my American relatives... that everyone in the States is raised on so much propaganda that most cannot think clearly.

Health care is one of those subjects. If a country has their Health Care run by their Government; it DOES NOT mean they are Socialists, Communists, failures, or enemies of captialism. Quite frankly, many Canadians (I am always talking politics with people) see Americans as ignorant, rude, bullies. Your country needs a Health Care System! You DO NOT have one now!

It is shocking to see and hear the stories of American that cannot afford to see a Doctor or buy medication. People dying because they cannot afford surgery. Here in Canada and many other countries; France, Sweeden, England, etc. this is all FREE.

I watch your news everyday, and I see the news channels broadcast absolute LIES about the Canadian Health Care System! It does need some work, but it is a great system. We can go to the Doctor when ever we want, Specailists, have surgery fast, Er care, etc. It is not like FOX new or CNN says. It doesn't take 8 months to see a Specialist. It took me only 3 weeks to see a Cardiologist (not an emergency, if so, it would have been faster), 3 days to get an MRI, 4 days for an Ultra Sound, 1 week for a sleep study, 2 weeks for a colonoscopy, etc. The longest wait I ever had for anything was 3 months for a dermatoligst. AND it's all FREE.

The problem with the US is that your government cares more about making money (for themselves, thank to lobbists and becoming CEO of companies and for large businesses) rather than taking care of their own people.

The American government has everyone so brainwashed into thinking that it would be a bad thing for their Government to provide Health Care. Think about it, the many of the average people are worried about insurance companies and hospitals not making money and it's the end of capitalism or this would mean the country is becoming Socialists. WHAT? These people look insane.

Obama is a fool in this department. He is failing and so are his people. What America needs is to take the best systems in the world for Health Care, including China, and combine them into the best system. Your government won't though. It's a shame. It's incompetent!

Dr. James said...

I really appreciate your point of view. Canada has a much more intelligent approach to government and people. Our system believes in fight on everything. This is sad. We fight to fight. This is in our culture. Health care is so complicated most people fear the doctor so much they become too sick too late. We need real reform. I love your perspective.