Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why Do We Need Money?

Recently, the question was raised as to why do we need money? After receiving some rather interesting feedback I must share some of the thinking discussed. The main idea that impressed me the most was on Star Trek (about the future) there will be no need for money.

Nevertheless, the majority of the responses stated we need money to live. Food, housing and of course the bills all need to be satisfied with money. Given the intensity of this recession, people are struggling to make ends meet. Large corporations and businesses are suffering to hold on and need government assistance.

The average person is at a real lost because the institutions we trust i.e. the banks are also shaky. Perhaps money is not what we thought it was or is, and we need new thinking about the whole idea.

I asked the question, if we had no money in the future ,would we still have poverty? The response was yes. People will still be poor and suffering. One astute person stated that in the future we will have a resource driven economy. Information will be the key. Must people and nations are in debt. The more I owe the more I have.

In conclusion, one person stated that when people lived in caves they did not need all these things. Perhaps we should all live in caves. But for now, I will get all the money I can get my hands on for now and the future. However, I would try to end poverty and ignorance at all cost. Please respond to help me on this question...


TC said...

Have you heard of The Venus Project?
You will find the concept of a common shared resourced based economy interesting. Here is their site.

Dr. James said...

Yes, thank you. I picked up on it during one of your post. We should all look at it. We need to think more about the future today. The present conditions will not last. Money is worthless. The resource economy is the way to go. Thanks.

Tricia said...

Excellent post. My dream life would be living on a farm in the country. Growing my own food, having animals and my own wells.

Unfortunately, it takes a long time to save up this. As a people, we use to have the skills to be able to grow our own food, build homes, barns, businesses, etc. We do not anymore. Most people do not have a clue about any of those things now.

The world is also so over populated, it cannot support us. Let alone all that is to come. We are also destroying out environments and making some places uninhabitable.

A hundred years ago, no one would ever imagine that we live the in ways we do. Societies moral and values have declined to the point of unrecognizable. We are so dependant on money now, it should scare everyone.

So, to answer your question. No. We would have more people starving and committing crimes. Many people have become useless.

Dr. James said...

T Thank you.hank you for the wonderful idea. I given the chance. I would love to run a green farm. I would live like an early American or a Native American and ship food to poor nations.