Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pray for Haiti Bloggers United

We pray for all the people of Haiti. Please join us. Note the following:

The Joy of Jesus(on-line church) Week of World Pray
The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor of The Joy of Jesus(on-line church) has called on a week of world prayer to help all people in need and poverty.


PR Log (Press Release) – Jan 31, 2010 – Press Release: The Joy of Jesus (On-line Church) World Prayer
Contact: Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor
ph.# 773-494-9375

PRESS RELEASE: World Prayer offered By The Joy of Jesus
(On-line Church)

The Joy of Jesus (on-line church) ; Rev Dr. James A. Lee Pastor has offered this week
for world prayer. Given the economy, war, and despair people are
experiencing around the world we need to be concerned about the
quality of life for all people. The Haiti problem needs our best
relief efforts. People need hope, love, peace and joy. People of all
faiths are encourage to join us to pray for world healing .


Dr.James A. Lee http://thejoyofjesuschurchonline.blogspot

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Wellness Center: Recognizes The Joy of Jesus

The Expressive Wellness Centers ( blog recognized The Joy of Jesus(on-line church) as a Center of Wellness. This is indeed an honor for the new waive form of service offered to the on-line community. Rev. Dr. James A. Lee was humbled by such an honor. The Joy of Jesus is opened to all faiths and prays for all people. A new spiritual force in the world for good.

The Wellness Center promotes holistic wellness. They promote physical and spiritual health through research and resource to live well. The Joy of Jesus was cited as a great source for spiritual wellness given the amount of time people spend on-line for business and pleasure.

The Joy of Jesus is mainly focused on Scripture and Prayer. We are praying for Haiti, Joblessness and Homelessness for people around the world. The Joy of Jesus will participate with Bloggers United for Haiti Feb. 1st.,2010.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How can Consumers Help Haiti?

Consumers can help Haiti buy participating with businesses that have funds designated to send relief money as a portion of their respective profits. Our small business is dedicated to send 5^ of our profits to Haiti Relief. Your E-Store will do just that.

Relief efforts have been a real struggle. Food and water lines have become riotous at best. The weaker people are being over powered by the stronger bullies with sticks. Order must be established with distribution.

Our Haiti relief funds will not be forwarded until order is restored. Our funds are to rebuild Haiti. We have a long term solution. It is the role of The Red Cross to address the immediate problem which we wholeheartedly support.

We encourage you to visit ,save and purchase from Your E-Store to support the restoration of Haiti. We we keep you posted by subscribing to our e-mail list at

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How should Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day be celebrated?

"> Martin Luther King Day. I am not sure how MLK Day should be celebrated. What should we do? Do we go to a place and reflect on what he did? Do we watch and listen to speeches that he performed? What meal should we eat?

The MLK Holiday is not as clear as other Holidays. We need more direction as to how it should be celebrated. Do we sing, "We Shall Overcome?"

The above speech may provide an idea as to what we should think regarding how to celebrate it. I will spend some time and reflect on human rights. Perhaps raise some questions regarding justice would be in order. It would be good to think about the situation in Haiti. Then one would ponder the war on terror as a means to world peace.

In conclusion,The Rev. Dr. Martin Lither King Jr. wanted to be a Drum Major for Love. I believe that is what one can do to celebrate his life. We must fight to love our enemies. We must fight to love our neighbor. We must also fight to love ourselves in spite of our weaknesses and short-comings to love the idea of love.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The new N word yet Old?

The hot topic in Washington is the N word. Allegedly, Harry Reid the Majority Leader referred to President Obama as light-skinned American American that did not sound or speck negro unless he needed to do so. This has outraged the right and now call on him to resign.

On the other hand, Trent Lot, former Majority Leader resigned after remarks he made praising Storm Timon's 1948 run for president as a segregationist.

The real problem is the N word is still a problem. Some people taught that this would be3 all over once President Obama was elected. This is not true. The N word is now negro. The point is that he can speak Negro. This is new. Is it like Ebonics or is it different?

We need to get past this and fast. There are too many people out of work. People are losing their homes. We are fighting a war. Does the N word have anything to do with our real problems? Does Canada have such issues?

We need a better school system to flush these type of issues out in the classroom and not the world stage. I bet some one is having the laugh of a life-time looking at The USA. What should we do? No More N Words or What?

Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Stimulate the Economy?

The economic indicators are looking better. The new year brings on new hope. People are feeling a little better. The question is what can I do?

The same questions has faced leaders around the world. What can be done to get things moving? The answer is spend money. Start a small business. Get people involved.

Our new venture is to provide the tools you need at great savings on-line. Visit and tell me what you think This will indeed get the economy moving.