Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Wellness Center: Recognizes The Joy of Jesus

The Expressive Wellness Centers ( blog recognized The Joy of Jesus(on-line church) as a Center of Wellness. This is indeed an honor for the new waive form of service offered to the on-line community. Rev. Dr. James A. Lee was humbled by such an honor. The Joy of Jesus is opened to all faiths and prays for all people. A new spiritual force in the world for good.

The Wellness Center promotes holistic wellness. They promote physical and spiritual health through research and resource to live well. The Joy of Jesus was cited as a great source for spiritual wellness given the amount of time people spend on-line for business and pleasure.

The Joy of Jesus is mainly focused on Scripture and Prayer. We are praying for Haiti, Joblessness and Homelessness for people around the world. The Joy of Jesus will participate with Bloggers United for Haiti Feb. 1st.,2010.


Sibel said...

I will join you in your prayers

Dr. James said...

Thank you so much. You are a wonderful person. I thank you and wish you all the best.

Jolly Princess said...

It takes a lot of effort to maintain blogs like yours. It’s nice to know someone has the deep calling to have the dedication to write. Keep up the good work. Your labor is not in vain.