Sunday, January 17, 2010

How should Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day be celebrated?

"> Martin Luther King Day. I am not sure how MLK Day should be celebrated. What should we do? Do we go to a place and reflect on what he did? Do we watch and listen to speeches that he performed? What meal should we eat?

The MLK Holiday is not as clear as other Holidays. We need more direction as to how it should be celebrated. Do we sing, "We Shall Overcome?"

The above speech may provide an idea as to what we should think regarding how to celebrate it. I will spend some time and reflect on human rights. Perhaps raise some questions regarding justice would be in order. It would be good to think about the situation in Haiti. Then one would ponder the war on terror as a means to world peace.

In conclusion,The Rev. Dr. Martin Lither King Jr. wanted to be a Drum Major for Love. I believe that is what one can do to celebrate his life. We must fight to love our enemies. We must fight to love our neighbor. We must also fight to love ourselves in spite of our weaknesses and short-comings to love the idea of love.

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Lynn Baer said...

I also posted on MLK Day. I think the reason it spoke to me is the degree to which I believe he would be disappointed with the 'conversation' today. Let us indeed be judge by our character. Amen.