Friday, November 27, 2009

Do We Really Need War?

Now that the holiday is over we must refocus our attention on pressing matters. The jobless rate is still alarming but what is the real issue? War is clearly a problem. A tremendous amount of money and human resources have been drain by war. Billions of dollars have been lost along with number of precious lives killed and injured.

Afghanistan is a serious problem. The military has requested 40,000 additional troops. This will take months to deploy this huge number of combatants. There is considerable cost involved in this venture.

The interesting point to ponder is Afghanistan is the 20Th poorest nation in the world. The number of terrorist is reported to be just over 100. Their government doesn't' have strong systems of control. Why are we there?

The answer to this question based on my assessment is Afghanistan is on the Pakistan border. This government is also in question. The problem is, Pakistan has nuclear weapons and a soft government in which terrorist may take over. It is our mission to stop them. However, the true concerned is can diplomatic talks work? Who do we negotiate with to seek peace? War is not the real solution. I have not heard the peace question raised.Do we really need war?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day...

I want to thank you for following this blog. I really appreciate you so much. I have tried to provide with my views in order to be helpful. God Bless You and Your Family.
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Thank you all.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why is President Obama's Poll nunbers Dropping?

The latest presidential poll numbers for President Obama have dropped below 50%. The question is why? The joblessness rate in real numbers is about 20%. The two wars are not necessarily wanted. The health care reform has gotten ugly. The economic stimulus did not go directly to the average person.

All these factor do not make the American People happy. What can be done to turn these numbers around? The answer is simply but not easily done. One is a full employment act, jobs for everyone. Secondly, give everyone a $10,ooo tax give to buy American goods and services. This will make everyone happy and truly get the country moving.

In closing, the poll numbers reflect the general attitude of the American people at this time. Reagan's numbers was the same in his first term, about 48% approval. Jobs and money are good things. Money makes people happy. Also shopping before the holiday. We need a little fun after this horrible recession.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We Need Jobs!

The fight over health care is missing one critical factor, people are losing their jobs at an alarming rate.We need JOBS. Our position on this matter has been stated for over a year. Why nothing is being done on job creation is a huge mistake.

The question is, how dose one develop jobs? Technology has made new jobs, but has eliminated even more jobs. The Green Movement is fascinating, yet slow to hire the number of workers to make the 10% plus unemployment number drop.

The true jobless number is near 20% if you look at the larger picture. The small business is the answer. However, the banks have been slow to give credit. There are so many problems in the economy that it is impacting the upper middle class.

In conclusion, areas that once put the world on wheels are in dyer condition. People need jobs today. The real problem is, once jobs are lost, it will eventually rise to catch more people not less. We need to stop taxes for 4 to 6 months. The government should give small business loans to anyone unemployed. We need leadership, now. We need JOBS.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A tribute to all Veterans

Veterans Day is so vital to The American Culture. Our service people have fought the wars that have made us free. The service is difficult to compare in terms of offering ones life to protect the interest of this nation.

Veterans have made the sacrifices necessary for this nation to stand for freedom for all. Sure we are not perfect, yet it is a goal that is worth fighting and dying for in this life.

In conclusion, my family has fought in every war and served at all levels. My blood runs deep for this nation and the cause of all Veterans is one that I embrace without a question. God Bless America and all the world that seeks freedom. We salute all veterans and there service to our nation.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Could Families be in Trouble?

The economy is the monster we never knew. While traveling around the mid-west I have seen so many businesses closing, cutting back and laying off it as been devastating.The real question before us is,how has this impacted families?

Given the nature of this particular blog, we will investigate the issue from a personal point of view. One of my dear friends online wrote a story regarding a young girl being physically abused by her father whom had been drinking while her mother could only watch and pretend that all is well.

People are still losing their homes. Poverty is on the rise. We are witnessing gang rapes and violence in our streets and schools. If all H*ll is breaking out in public, what is going on in the home? How are families managing these difficult times?

In closing. I will look at the issues to examine family issues and possible resources to address a possible remedy to resolve them as well. Perhaps we can enlighten our community as to these issues and help our families recover just we hope that our economy will do likewise.