Thursday, November 12, 2009

We Need Jobs!

The fight over health care is missing one critical factor, people are losing their jobs at an alarming rate.We need JOBS. Our position on this matter has been stated for over a year. Why nothing is being done on job creation is a huge mistake.

The question is, how dose one develop jobs? Technology has made new jobs, but has eliminated even more jobs. The Green Movement is fascinating, yet slow to hire the number of workers to make the 10% plus unemployment number drop.

The true jobless number is near 20% if you look at the larger picture. The small business is the answer. However, the banks have been slow to give credit. There are so many problems in the economy that it is impacting the upper middle class.

In conclusion, areas that once put the world on wheels are in dyer condition. People need jobs today. The real problem is, once jobs are lost, it will eventually rise to catch more people not less. We need to stop taxes for 4 to 6 months. The government should give small business loans to anyone unemployed. We need leadership, now. We need JOBS.


Cathy said...

Thanks for caring about the unemployed, and for your suggestions. My career has been accounting for construction, and construction is one of the worst hit industries. I look for work every day but have been unable to find it; and I cannot afford Cobra. It's tough out there.

Tom Usher said...

This links to some of my views that are easier for people to understand:

United States Notes

The system is wrong at its core. It's anti-Christ.

Here's my deeper answer: The Christian Commons of the Real Liberal Christian Church


askcherlock said...

You are certainly right: We need more jobs. Perhaps that is why Obama is going to hold a Job Summit. This issue, along with so many other pressing issues, needs to be addressed. My fear is that many of these lobs will not come back.

jumanji said...
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jumanji said...

Why you need a job? You mean work 9 - 5 for somebody else? And suddenly, when the things goes wrong you will get fired? Again? All you is need is a way to generate income which is very different. There are tons of alternatives, try at least one, maybe will worth it.

Maybe you can try this alternative: Working for yourself

"The Author" said...

In these job loosing times, the only way to survive is being skilled. One should continue upgrading himself and be ready for new challenges. Only fittest will survive.

lina@happy family said...

The same thing happens in my country, Indonesia. That's why my husband and his family prefer to run their own small business...

Darkn3ss said...

Health care is a huge mess, and there is no easy solution unfortunately. It has sort of divided our entire society on the big issues being debated within health care reform as a whole.

Although the big debate kinda sucks and get a little old at times - if we continue on the path we are on currently; no good will come and it will only get worse. At least if we try to reform health care (on whatever level) even if our attempt fails - we will have at least tried an alternative.

Oddly enough - one field that has still grown in employment numbers during this recession is in care.

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