Friday, November 27, 2009

Do We Really Need War?

Now that the holiday is over we must refocus our attention on pressing matters. The jobless rate is still alarming but what is the real issue? War is clearly a problem. A tremendous amount of money and human resources have been drain by war. Billions of dollars have been lost along with number of precious lives killed and injured.

Afghanistan is a serious problem. The military has requested 40,000 additional troops. This will take months to deploy this huge number of combatants. There is considerable cost involved in this venture.

The interesting point to ponder is Afghanistan is the 20Th poorest nation in the world. The number of terrorist is reported to be just over 100. Their government doesn't' have strong systems of control. Why are we there?

The answer to this question based on my assessment is Afghanistan is on the Pakistan border. This government is also in question. The problem is, Pakistan has nuclear weapons and a soft government in which terrorist may take over. It is our mission to stop them. However, the true concerned is can diplomatic talks work? Who do we negotiate with to seek peace? War is not the real solution. I have not heard the peace question raised.Do we really need war?


Simon said...

Christendom has been at war with Islam for the better part of 1000 years.We both worship the same God and fighting each other has achieved nothing positive for either side.But until America truly puts it's heart in to providing a homeland for the Palestinian people, Muslims across the World will continue to feel disaffected.Afghanistan is not really a country, merely a territory of warring clans.Nobody since Alexander has succeeded in controlling these people.

Dr. James said...

This is an excellent point. Is there something that the public does not understand about this history or not care the real meaning of it? We only need peace..

ThirstyJon said...

In order for the United States to be secure we need the respect of our enemies. They cannot think that we can be swayed by difficult times and simply be "out waited."

A "surge" in Afghanistan is the right thing to do.

Some humility, prayer, and national God seeking would be a good idea.


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Me said...


Mike said...

Hi Dr Jim, good post. I believe that there is one basic reason we are fighting in There is a lot to be made there by the fat cats that run our military industrial complex. This is the same reason that we lost so many AMERICANS in Iraq, and Viet Nam. I identify the monster in our midst in "There's a Monster On the Loose". If you want check it out.It is on the opening page of my blog, third one down.

artdeep said...

and who says talk is over?the world lead by the US is always lead to war..hmm i think we dont need a war to solve things.. as my former prime minister -mahathir mohammad..war is a criminal, lets criminalise war!

luv n respect

..neway luvv yr blog, nice post, nice writing and nice thoughts, cheersss :D