Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why is President Obama's Poll nunbers Dropping?

The latest presidential poll numbers for President Obama have dropped below 50%. The question is why? The joblessness rate in real numbers is about 20%. The two wars are not necessarily wanted. The health care reform has gotten ugly. The economic stimulus did not go directly to the average person.

All these factor do not make the American People happy. What can be done to turn these numbers around? The answer is simply but not easily done. One is a full employment act, jobs for everyone. Secondly, give everyone a $10,ooo tax give to buy American goods and services. This will make everyone happy and truly get the country moving.

In closing, the poll numbers reflect the general attitude of the American people at this time. Reagan's numbers was the same in his first term, about 48% approval. Jobs and money are good things. Money makes people happy. Also shopping before the holiday. We need a little fun after this horrible recession.


askcherlock said...

I do believe that the President's approval numbers will bounce back. It took years for the country to get to this point. It may take more than one year of his term before things turn around.


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