Thursday, July 30, 2009

Now That The Beer Summit Is Over....

I am so glad this is over. Do you feel better? Do we have more jobs? Is health care a done deal? Will gas prices drop? Will all of our problems just melt away? Will there be goodwill and peace on Earth? All I am left with is questions. It does make me that a pause to think about all the isms.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does The President Having a Beer Solve The Race Question?

Apparently, The President, Dr. Gates and Sergent Crowley will have a beer at the White House. Will this solve all of our problems? What if everything just went away? Crime, hate,war,poverty and unemployment will just vanish.

The world is at a strange time and place. Things are changing. Then there are situations that pop up and we see the race, gender, class and orientation card played. It makes us all sick.

In conclusion, they will have their beer and talk about The Bosox, the media will take numerous pictures and life will move on in the future. The question is, what will really happen? What is the learning objective regarding this matter? Perhaps we all need a time out with a beer? I wonder, if I had a beer and all of my problems will disappear. Oh, I don't drink. What do you think?

Monday, July 27, 2009

What Is Palin Doing?

I am somewhat concerned about Sarah Palin's leaving the office of governor of Alaska. If there were problems and it was too much for her then that is a reasonable solution.

However, if Palin is resigning t5o run for president full time and raise money, and undermine our present leadership, this is a real problem. She could be an incompetent opportunist which she has always been.

American is in need of sincere leadership. We also need people who are highly educated and experienced as problem solvers and leaders. However, we do not need some one who would like to try it and then run when it is no longer fun.I wonder what she is doing?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is The Gates Arrest about Racism?

This story was taken by The Mountain Sage 07-23-2009. Please read this and leave your comments. I will share my view after we receive a number of responses.

Mountain Sage
Political News, Opinion and Discussion HomeThe API SagaAboutVideosSitemapDisclaimerThe ‘unfathomable’ arrest of a black scholar
Filed in General U.S. News, Politics on Jul.22, 2009
This complete incident could have been avoided with just a little effort by the police. When the officer got the report that a possible break-in had occurred he could have contacted dispatch and had the address checked to see who owns the home. It’s certainly not that hard to do. Once that information was in hand a driver’s license check could be made and the name, race, age of the owner could have been relayed to the officer.

Had the officer approached the house with that information in hand and a little different attitude there probably wouldn’t have been an altercation. Of course a black man didn’t want to step outside to talk to a police officer – too many reports of police abuse against black men for him to be comfortable with that. The officer could have apologized for interrupting Mr. Gates and asked if Mr. Gates and his property were ok since a possible break-in had been reported.

I believe Mr. Gates’ response would have been much different.

Maybe it’s time we all take a little more time and put a little more thought into our interactions with each other.

Henry Louis Gates Jr., one of the nation’s most prominent African-American scholars was arrested last Thursday in broad daylight at his Cambridge, Massachusetts, home for disorderly conduct — what the arresting officer described as “loud and tumultuous behavior in a public space.” The charge was dropped Tuesday on the recommendation of police, and the city of Cambridge issued a statement calling the incident “regrettable and unfortunate.”

Gates had just returned from a trip to China when a police officer responded to a call about a potential break-in at his home that was phoned in by a white woman. According to the police report, Gates was in the foyer when the officer arrived.

The officer asked Gates to “step out onto the porch and speak with me,” the report says. “[Gates] replied, ‘No, I will not.’ He then demanded to know who I was. I told him that I was ‘Sgt. Crowley from the Cambridge Police’ and that I was ‘investigating a report of a break in progress’ at the residence.

“While I was making this statement, Gates opened the front door and exclaimed, ‘Why, because I’m a black man in America?’ ” Have race relations improved since the election of President Barack Obama?

According to the report, Gates initially refused to show the officer his identification, instead asking for the officer’s ID. But Gates eventually did show the officer his identification that included his home address.

“The police report says I was engaged in loud and tumultuous behavior. That’s a joke,” Gates told The Root. “It escalated as follows: I kept saying to him, ‘What is your name, and what is your badge number?’ and he refused to respond. I asked him three times, and he refused to respond. And then I said, ‘You’re not responding because I’m a black man, and you’re a white officer.’”

Known as Skip by friends and colleagues, Gates is the director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African-American Research at Harvard University, and an acclaimed PBS documentarian.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The President and Health Care

The President went on the offvisive regarding health care tonight. Perhaps he is a little late on the issue and did not have a strong point person on the issue. There are still 47 million people without health care

What are the facts? Who gains if we do nothing, and who wins if it is passed? The b real argument is we pay 6 thousand dollars more on health care than other nations. Meda-Cad and care causes huh deficits in our budget and growing by the minute. The health insurance and pharmaceutical companies are profiting billions in this recession.

In conclusion, The American people lose. Our grandchildren lose, and the other nations with less cost will take advantage of us in other areas. The real issue is reform. Insure everyone, cut cost, promote preventive care, and make the wealthy insurance and pharmaceutical companies pay for it with the other multi-millionaires. Now that is reform.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care Is In Trouble.....

There appears to be a log jam in congress regarding health care reform. The President wants a bill next month. The congress wants to go on vacation. Meanwhile, there are still 47 million people without health care.

People are dying and losing their jobs. There is a ground level experience that the law makers are missing in the equation, and perhaps they don't care. People without insurance are powerless in general.

The insurance lobby and the pharmaceutical industry has tremendous power. Inaction is a good thing. Nothing happens is good for business. The question is: Who profits the most in the health care industry?

In all likelihood, we may not get health care reform. However, the 47 million number may be reduced by 10%. People will continue to lose their jobs and die. We can hope for the best, or we too can lobby and demand results.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can We Move Past Race, Gender and Orientation?

Pat Buchanan is receiving a great deal of criticism regard his views on Soto mayor a Supreme Court nominee.Affirmative action is at the heart of the argument. This is most disturbing as we try to move forward in a more pluralistic society.

All of the"isms" really stops society from making progress. When we question people about things they cannot change it is inherently unfair. For example, asking why some one breaths air, or why are you so short? Why yare your parents from the north pole?

In conclusion, we can all become more educated on the human condition. We need to focus on job development. Health care is on the table. Our educational systems in our inner cities are war grounds. Sure people will be people, yet we can all become better citizens in the process. Help not Hurt. Learn then make an informed position.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

America and The World Needs Jobs

The economy is growing at a slow pace. People needs jobs. Families are really struggling. How can we get out of it. We must buy things in our communities. People need to do things with other people in mind.

The governments of the world are not necessarily the answer to our condition. We must start small businesses. We must develop our skills to become more intelligent about the money we have earned. Our children need a better economic education than our generation.

In conclusion, a new mind-set is in order. The green movement makes sense as long as it doesn't cost too much. We must re-think how we do business. Intelligence goes along way. The smart economy will take fast learners. Yes, America and the world needs jobs and a job to do!

Friday, July 10, 2009

We Need Jobs!

I support the President. I love America. However, I am so concerned about the number of unemployed people. The real concern is for parents of young children without jobs. They need the jobs first.

All dead beat parents should lose their jobs second. All companies who have out sourced jobs must pay a jobs fine. Every out soured job requires two added American jobs. All trade imbalances with nations should be noted and labeled on the product or service.

In conclusion, anyone with 10 million dollars over and beyound their needs should invest in a jobs bank. We need to look out for who simply cannot find work. Perhaps we could develop a recovery program that for every 50 thousand dollars in waste can create a work program for young people. What if we reduced class size and hired more teachers. We need idea. This is just my view.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What The World Needs Now?

The world is in need of change. These are the days when life has gotten smarter and colder. People are suffering each day. I saw some people living under the express-way the other day. I have seen homeless people, but not a village.

Why is it that people fall into such hard conditions? How can the United Nations allow one nation to gain billions of dollars and people are dying of hunger.

Perhaps there is something wrong with education. What change is necessary to make the changes to rid the world of poverty and sickness. A day will come and make things right. I am sicked each day by all acts inhumanity. One day we will learn. What the world needs now is love, sweet love,not for some,but for everyone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Is Going On?

The news has been flooded with Micheal Jackson, The Governor of South Carolina, and Health Care are all gaining attention for a number of reasons. The question is: Why is this important if at all?

Clearly the death of Micheal Jackson is big news. Micheal was always controversial. The plastic surgery, the kids,and spending too much money are all under suspicion.He is also in questioned about drugs. Micheal Jackson is and was the greatest pop star with Elvis and James Brown.

Meanwhile, the Gov. Sanford is admitting to numerous affairs and is being asked to resign. He is a complete embarrassment to the republican party. He refused millions of dollars in stimulus money and spoke out against Bill Clinton's affairs. He is pro-gun, pro-life, pro-family,and death penalty. He left his wife, kids, state and blew off everything.He was also thinking about running for president. As long has he stays in office, he will make the republicans look like idiots.

In conclusion, the death of a pop star and the miss steps of a governor has nothing to do with t5he health of the American people. Over 50 million people are without health care. Who cares? The media only wants to sell papers that people are not buying. We need jobs and health care. The rest can do as they wish.