Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does The President Having a Beer Solve The Race Question?

Apparently, The President, Dr. Gates and Sergent Crowley will have a beer at the White House. Will this solve all of our problems? What if everything just went away? Crime, hate,war,poverty and unemployment will just vanish.

The world is at a strange time and place. Things are changing. Then there are situations that pop up and we see the race, gender, class and orientation card played. It makes us all sick.

In conclusion, they will have their beer and talk about The Bosox, the media will take numerous pictures and life will move on in the future. The question is, what will really happen? What is the learning objective regarding this matter? Perhaps we all need a time out with a beer? I wonder, if I had a beer and all of my problems will disappear. Oh, I don't drink. What do you think?


Ingrid said...

Beer.. how classy does that sound :D hahaahaaa.

Dr. James said...

Yes, the beer is a guy thing and working class thing. It also, represents relaxation as well.