Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The President and Health Care

The President went on the offvisive regarding health care tonight. Perhaps he is a little late on the issue and did not have a strong point person on the issue. There are still 47 million people without health care

What are the facts? Who gains if we do nothing, and who wins if it is passed? The b real argument is we pay 6 thousand dollars more on health care than other nations. Meda-Cad and care causes huh deficits in our budget and growing by the minute. The health insurance and pharmaceutical companies are profiting billions in this recession.

In conclusion, The American people lose. Our grandchildren lose, and the other nations with less cost will take advantage of us in other areas. The real issue is reform. Insure everyone, cut cost, promote preventive care, and make the wealthy insurance and pharmaceutical companies pay for it with the other multi-millionaires. Now that is reform.

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