Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can We Move Past Race, Gender and Orientation?

Pat Buchanan is receiving a great deal of criticism regard his views on Soto mayor a Supreme Court nominee.Affirmative action is at the heart of the argument. This is most disturbing as we try to move forward in a more pluralistic society.

All of the"isms" really stops society from making progress. When we question people about things they cannot change it is inherently unfair. For example, asking why some one breaths air, or why are you so short? Why yare your parents from the north pole?

In conclusion, we can all become more educated on the human condition. We need to focus on job development. Health care is on the table. Our educational systems in our inner cities are war grounds. Sure people will be people, yet we can all become better citizens in the process. Help not Hurt. Learn then make an informed position.


rewarded for being me said...

I love this piece of wisdom.
We all have to keep shouting these truths.
To make this a better place for us and the generations to come

Dr. James said...

We all need to find both wisdom and truth in life. If we could all live in peace and love, what a wonderful world it would be for us all. Thank you so much.