Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Dress

The more pictures I see of Michelle Obama's red and back dress I am somewhat confused by this fashion statement. I realize the children had on black and the other red. She then coordinated with them. Perhaps the same color would be nice. What statement dose it make when one overstates the candidate?
May be I am too old or sexist to feel comfortable with this new fashion. Conservative dress generally depicts class and the lower classes show more flash. Could this be a new form of diversity?
I do not want the flash at all. I want class and substance. My children believe I am over doing it. It would be o-Kay if I saw it once. Yet , I must have seen this picture, of this dress, perhaps 100 times. Now, I must comment. My daughter said who cares? I care because pay taxes. Let us continue to hope for change.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A New Day!

Today is a new day for America and the World. We can begin to think about new ideas in new ways. Issues such as race and class has new meaning. The fall of the world economy is a sign that the systems we know is broken.
President Obama has a great opportunity to make real change. We need a new monetary system. The world needs to assure everyone a fair chance of life. People need good housing, education and a job to work. We also need a sound health care program as well.
Everyone needs to be involved at the grown level. For example, the Big Three need major reform. They have so many brands and car names I do not know what they offer. Notwithstanding that no one knows what the quality ratings are in any case. However, we need to save the workers and their jobs.
New ideas for new times, this is a great day when we bring in the changes to end poverty and ignorance. Let us all work together to our better nature to save a world in trouble.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New America

The recent election may have changed the world. The idea that an African American could become president is and was the unthinkable. I wonder how this election will actually change anything.
Our society is always changing. Change can be both good and bad. What we need is real change. The Bush administration was not very good for America. People lost; money, jobs, homes and hope.
Obama could not do this bad with a GED education.
We need jobs. America should enact a full employment bill. Get America back to work!
Once this is in place, then fix the frameworks of the economy. Our banks and investments need to be clear. Our school system needs to be restructured in the urban areas. Health CARE MUST ALSO BE ADDRESSED. All people should receive free health care.
America needs a new era of enlightenment. We need more education regarding the economy and world issues. Our society can do without race problems. The New Deal is a mandate to positive intelligent change for everyone.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Thinking...

America must start new thinking about what we believe. The nation and the world has fallen into deep trouble. We need to create new jobs, less taxes and better schools. America needs new leadership.

Bush was not the new leadership for the year 2000. McCain is not the for person for 2009. The only thing bush can do is serve as a case study on a failed presidency.

I hoped that Bush and McSame could do better but he has run America into the ground. We need new leadership now. People need to know that America is safe and our way of life is sound.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin and McCain Must Go!

McCain/Palin Will Hurt America!

  • Sep. 30th, 2008 at 6:44 PM
After watching SNL I believe McCain and Palin will further hurt America. They believe in things that do not help America especially the middle class. McCain is running against Bush and trying to be the Clinton's. He always changes his position from one issue to another without a clear understanding of any issue.
McCain read from a que-card that he clearly did not comprehend. He seemed to weaker than Bush on all issues. Palin on the other hand does not understand what she is told to say and doesn't care what she says. She will really set women back 100 years. America needs new ideas that are fair and effective. We need to pull out of these foolish war looking for weapons of mass destruction.
I hope America to actually changes how we think and feel about one another regarding the issues. Perhaps states should have more freedom? Maybe more money could go to education and help children compete globally. We need more programs to help Americans start and run small businesses. The only thing McCain and Palin will do is give the rich more tax breaks: but what about poor people the middle class?