Sunday, November 23, 2008

A New Day!

Today is a new day for America and the World. We can begin to think about new ideas in new ways. Issues such as race and class has new meaning. The fall of the world economy is a sign that the systems we know is broken.
President Obama has a great opportunity to make real change. We need a new monetary system. The world needs to assure everyone a fair chance of life. People need good housing, education and a job to work. We also need a sound health care program as well.
Everyone needs to be involved at the grown level. For example, the Big Three need major reform. They have so many brands and car names I do not know what they offer. Notwithstanding that no one knows what the quality ratings are in any case. However, we need to save the workers and their jobs.
New ideas for new times, this is a great day when we bring in the changes to end poverty and ignorance. Let us all work together to our better nature to save a world in trouble.

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