Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Dress

The more pictures I see of Michelle Obama's red and back dress I am somewhat confused by this fashion statement. I realize the children had on black and the other red. She then coordinated with them. Perhaps the same color would be nice. What statement dose it make when one overstates the candidate?
May be I am too old or sexist to feel comfortable with this new fashion. Conservative dress generally depicts class and the lower classes show more flash. Could this be a new form of diversity?
I do not want the flash at all. I want class and substance. My children believe I am over doing it. It would be o-Kay if I saw it once. Yet , I must have seen this picture, of this dress, perhaps 100 times. Now, I must comment. My daughter said who cares? I care because pay taxes. Let us continue to hope for change.

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