Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New America

The recent election may have changed the world. The idea that an African American could become president is and was the unthinkable. I wonder how this election will actually change anything.
Our society is always changing. Change can be both good and bad. What we need is real change. The Bush administration was not very good for America. People lost; money, jobs, homes and hope.
Obama could not do this bad with a GED education.
We need jobs. America should enact a full employment bill. Get America back to work!
Once this is in place, then fix the frameworks of the economy. Our banks and investments need to be clear. Our school system needs to be restructured in the urban areas. Health CARE MUST ALSO BE ADDRESSED. All people should receive free health care.
America needs a new era of enlightenment. We need more education regarding the economy and world issues. Our society can do without race problems. The New Deal is a mandate to positive intelligent change for everyone.

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