Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Could Families be in Trouble?

The economy is the monster we never knew. While traveling around the mid-west I have seen so many businesses closing, cutting back and laying off it as been devastating.The real question before us is,how has this impacted families?

Given the nature of this particular blog, we will investigate the issue from a personal point of view. One of my dear friends online wrote a story regarding a young girl being physically abused by her father whom had been drinking while her mother could only watch and pretend that all is well.

People are still losing their homes. Poverty is on the rise. We are witnessing gang rapes and violence in our streets and schools. If all H*ll is breaking out in public, what is going on in the home? How are families managing these difficult times?

In closing. I will look at the issues to examine family issues and possible resources to address a possible remedy to resolve them as well. Perhaps we can enlighten our community as to these issues and help our families recover just we hope that our economy will do likewise.


askcherlock said...

There is an exponential rise in domestic violence during bad economic times. Families and communities need better coping skills and more outreach. When/how?

Hui Li Annie said...

If a sole breadwinner has lost his/her job in bad times, I think the impact would be greater on the family. If Christians (churches) can come together to provide some kind of help to those affected by the economy, I believe it could speak volumes of Christ's love for them.

Wapatu said...

Unfortunately, it seems that with the economic climate as it is people are struggling to stay afloat and have become oblivious to those around them. Apparently this is is extending to families who are having difficulties. Personally, we faced foreclosure so I know first hand what the stress can do to you. Although it's difficult, the lines of communication have to remain open. Expression of your feelings is much healthier for all involved. Rather than treat someone poorly, I believe it's better to explain your state of mind so that confrontations are avoided. Far too many people have far too many issues that they're trying to handle and it's affecting everything they do. I've had this discussion with quite a few people and I don't know if South Florida is better or worse than anywhere else, but driving on the roads is horrendous as people seem indifferent to those around them. Shopping, although never my favorite task, is a haven for inconsiderate people with attitudes. Usually an upbeat and friendly person, I find myself trying to mind my own business and I stay way clear of anyone on the road. I absolutely agree with "askcherlock" that better coping skills is essential. I think that it's a difficult task when as a society we're all anticipating the "worst" while hoping for the "best." It would be much easier to cope if we could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mike said...

I am awaiting more of your answers.

Kristen said...

I simply think it's just end times! I thank God that I know Him and pray for the ones that don't! I look forward to reading more on this subject! Thanks for sharing!