Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger, Dithering and Gate-Crashers

The news has been filed with calls of dithering, tiger and gate-crashers when none of it creates jobs. Do you ever wonder what is rally going on in the world, that reality may have left us about 20 years ago?

The term dither means to be weak and uncertain, to be confused. Dick Cheney (former Vice-President of The U.S.A.) has accused President Obama of dithering on the Afghan War. We just need to leave them alone. Let us dither on that. Stop War.

It is also in the news that Tiger Woods the great golfer was in a auto accident in the dead of night. There are reports from TMZ that he and his wife had a spat and the vehicle was hit or the windows were knocked out by his wife with a golf club to rescue him. There is suspicion that she actually knocked Tiger out.

There are also reports in the news when a reality t.v. star crashed the White House State Dinner and bragged about it. Now people will be fired and possible jail time.

Overall, we are living in a time when there are few things in life that makes sense when it comes to the media. We need not dither on anything. We need jobs. Tiger and his problems are his, not ours. The gate crashers need to crash into a federal prison if they broke the law and then do a t.v. program on people doing stupid stuff and paying for it. Let us not dither anymore, we need jobs now, we need peace, and we need all the people who want to be on t.v. to go to Afghanistan and seek peace with cameras. Please tell me what do you think?


askcherlock said...

The Party Crashers and people of their ilk obviously have too much ego and grasp at straws such as fame and frivolous popularity. Perhaps they should be tried in a court of law and at the very least, be made to do community service in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. You are absolutely correct. Many dither about inane things and contribute very little to society.

Dr. James said...

You are so right. There are few leaders in the world. Our government is not the answer. We need more people to stand up for more people. Jobs, health care and education are core elements to a more perfect union. Greed and fame are killing people around the world. We need more love and understanding. Thank you so much. Great post.

Lauren said...

Hi Dr.,
My friend and I were discussing this tonight. The fact that CNN is obsessed with reporting facts on Tiger and not on more important issues like Health care reform and, yes, jobs. We are a society obsessed with seeing others slowly self-destruct: Octo-mom, Jon and Kate plus eight, Balloon Boy, Washington Party Crashers, The Biggest Loser. They make our reality seem pain-free in comparison.

Dr. James said...

Excellent comment Lauran. We see things on the media that have nothing to do with real issues. The media loves low I.Q.'s.

Leigh G. said...

Excellent comments all. I am in full agreement that the media focuses on all the wrong things at any given moment; I also feel the media is one of the biggest perpetrators that drive issues. If they didn't go on and on about a bad economy before it even got bad, people wouldn't be so afraid to spend. If they didn't jump the proverbial gun and report "early results" in elections, more people would likely get out and vote if they think their candidate has a shot. The media has a LOT of power which extends way beyond these two thoughts.

However, when it comes to things like Tiger, Jon and Kate 8, etc., that can't be blamed on the media is the fact they are also feeding a demand. Society is their lifeline and are ultimately one of the problems in the big picture.

If people really wanted to see the important issues being focused on, they'd speak louder with actions by not offering the attention to these kinds of news reports.

I agree, people are the answer, the ones who can offer solutions. Not government, there's no magic bullet, nor a wish. It takes action, not reaction, to truly get things done.