Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who should Pay for The Gate Crashers?

The White House State Dinner was a P.R. mess. The Gate Crashers made it a three-ring circus. The Secret Service has perhaps fired three people. The Congress has ordered The Crasher to appear before them, and they have not. The Social Secretary has refused to show as well. The people are getting mad now because it seems like the public cares more than The Crashers and The White house. How does one end this mess? Should they all tell their story and get it over. Perhaps someone-else should be fired? The social affairs secretary was allegedly walking around like she was a celebrity guess, and was not involved in who was there or not. The real question is: Who pays for the dinner, and how much?


askcherlock said...

I don't think it is as much about paying for a dinner as it is having the security of our President and the White House compromised. These are dangerous times. If the Secret Service cannot be trusted to take care of security for the President, who can?

Dr. James said...

Thank you so much. The cost of the dinner will be millions in court time, investigations and jail. The price for a prank is too costly for our tax dollars.

sasikrishna said...

i like this post.