Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who is Killing Health Care Reform

Senator Joesph Lieberman is stopping health care reform for the average American. He does not want a public option, medicare expansion and anything for the middle-class. We need people who care about people and not just big insurance companies.

We need low cost, full coverage, and preventive measures to make our cost competitive with other nations. We pay $15 more per person with 50 million people uninsured

Lieberman ran for vice-president and lost. He also lost his primary election as well. The American people needs new leadership that understands how to help people help them self. Perhaps he could give back his health care plan or give it to a poor family.

In closing, there will be a bill. It will be weak and watered down. That is the real issue. Everything that we do is weak and Joe Lieberman is a real problem. He should give back all that he has for all the things he is against ,yet continues to take. May be that is what he is on regarding this bill.


Lynn Baber said...

Good morning! We seem to have ended up on similar subjects. I just uploaded a new post, "Washington DC - The Game of Fantasy Monopoly."
That would be my response to your blog. If you have a minute...
Have a blessed day.

Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

I don't understand how Lieberman used to be for a public option and is now not for a public option. He hasn't explained his reversal of position to my satisfaction. I know that insurance companies have donated, in the past, large amounts to his campaigns. This makes his reversal even more suspect, imo.

Thomas Krawford said...

Sen Joe Lieberman is compensating for the time his kite got lost and the neighborhood bullies beat him up because he wouldn't kiss the head guy's sister.

What can you do with someone who is stuck in some Freudian Psychosexual Twilight Zone?