Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Consumer Choice and Tiger-ed Out

The media is in full blast. Tiger's dear mother-in-law took ill in the middle of the night. Tiger's Gator-Aid drink is being dropped and 10 women have all stated that they were with Tiger. I am tired of this, he also offered her allegedly 80 million to stay. Who really cares.

The U.S.Senate has dropped the public option. I do not care what they call it. The people need lower cost, total coverage and more preventive measures. Our cost should not be the highest in the world.

Too much Tiger, too little health care and costs are too much. We need jobs now. The media needs to do specials on how to create more jobs. Perhaps if Tiger will give his money to a jobs fund and health care reform provided more jobs then we can take this seriously. If not just keep pushing.


Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

I agree that it is beyond absurd how much the networks spend on Tiger Wood's situation. American's priorities are seriously screwed up and the media is shoveling **** to fuel the fire. It's shameful.

Dr. James said...

Our standards have fallen. Our so called stars have very little talent. Parents today may have the hardest jobs in the world. I hope we move past these interruption and make real progress for real people. Thank you.

Inga said...

very interesting, the Estonian beer .....?! :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, enjoyable read and informative. Happy Holidays.

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sokar101 said...

Several other sponsors are "re-evaluating" their relationship with Tiger Woods. We all know what bastions of morality advertisers and big corporations are. They can't have Tiger sullying their reps.