Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Stimulate the Economy?

The economic indicators are looking better. The new year brings on new hope. People are feeling a little better. The question is what can I do?

The same questions has faced leaders around the world. What can be done to get things moving? The answer is spend money. Start a small business. Get people involved.

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ThirstyJon said...

Are you for real?

Dr. James said...

Yes. I am for real.

corfubob said...

Hello old friend. Hope your new year is going well. I have been planning to wish you well in a kindly Corufbob kind of way. Consider it done.

Now Dr.Awsom is going to have a friendly go at you - Dr to Dr.....

I visited your shopping post, and considering our prior 'chats' you will expect the 'gloves off' comment that follows! Mind yo post it!

Now, as a man who lives his life as close to God as possible, I would have expected you to believe, as I do - the devout Atheist that I am - that it is not the economy that need stimulating, but the spiritual content in peoples lives. A country as wealthy as yours can afford to cut back on consumption a bit, no, a lot, and stimulate the economies of fellow humans far away by paying more for things they produce which don't harm nature too much.

OK. Consuming less means paying more, and this means reducing luxury by HAVING to choose essentials. This means short-term unemployment and the need for a humane society that will make sacrifices to help under-employed people survive with their dignity.Do you see the christian principles involved here Drj?

The corrupt geniuses who created the collapse are back in the driving seat again and you want to re-stimulate the same process so that they can work towards another collapse, and be given fortunes to start all over again.

ThirstyJon asked... Are you for real? I think I know.

Dr. James said...

These are all excellent points. Small businesses create jobs. We offer savings and great quality for our clients. We must support small businesses. Every dollar makes a difference. Each of us must do what we can to help.

Chad Prigmore said...

The fastest way to stimulate the economy is to get rid of all the taxes that burden the American people and small businesses. 100% of income tax goes to payoff the Federal Reserve - none of it goes to infrastructure. So, get rid of the Federal Reserve, get rid of income taxes, and the economy will thrive. However, it all has to do with control more than money, so without revolt this will regrettably never happen.

ThirstyJon said...
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ThirstyJon said...

Watch the first 5 minutes of this (and more if you want):

Spending more money is not the solution.

Dr. James said...

Chad, I agree. The tax system has lost its balance. We pay nearly $3,000 per month and nothing to show. All taxes need to be cut in half.

corfubob said...

'We pay nearly $3,000 per month We pay nearly $3,000 per month and nothing to show. All taxes need to be cut in half. All taxes need to be cut in half.' At last drj, pragmatic sense of which the god you praise would approve I think.

You live in the wealthiest, most advanced, most sophisticated nation that has ever existed.

As a weak European I respect your power to counter the absolute evil arising now in the East, but don't your taxes pay for the war against evil? Can the peacemongers among you be trusted to support this war against evil voluntarily?

As a poor European I envy the infrastructure your great nation has built up; roads, hospitals, security, a justice system, etc. Are any of these things possible without strong central government able and willing to collect taxes that many people will be unwilling to pay because it limits their personal freedom to spend what they earn as they like?

'...and nothing to show? Dr. James.

corfubob said...

Sorry about the doubling up of my quote above - it was unintentional.

Chad Prigmore said...


Please understand that 100% of the income taxes paid by the American people go directly to the Federal Reserve, a private bank, that is paid interest, to needlessly print fiat money. None of it goes to infrastructure or national defense.

Cutting income taxes will in no way affect the American war machine which is a massive cash cow for American corporations. The war on terror is largely created by the corrupt US government in order to make money for the corporations that own the government. War has become America's most profitable industry.

The artificially exaggerated war on terror also serves as an excuse to rapidly do away with the rights of the American people under the guise of national security. By pairing this up with abusive taxation, the government is able to suppress the system of checks and balances which help assure the peoples rights under the US Constitution.

Getting rid of abusive taxation has nothing to do with spending more and everything to do with regaining suppressed freedoms.

Dr. James said...

Our goal for all people is freedom. We need to look at why people want to kill us. We need less oil if we get from places that hate us. We need more schools for more people to learn about freedom. i pay too much in taxes. Yet we need more opportunities to become free.