Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How can Consumers Help Haiti?

Consumers can help Haiti buy participating with businesses that have funds designated to send relief money as a portion of their respective profits. Our small business is dedicated to send 5^ of our profits to Haiti Relief. Your E-Store http://hurrybuy.blogspot.com/ will do just that.

Relief efforts have been a real struggle. Food and water lines have become riotous at best. The weaker people are being over powered by the stronger bullies with sticks. Order must be established with distribution.

Our Haiti relief funds will not be forwarded until order is restored. Our funds are to rebuild Haiti. We have a long term solution. It is the role of The Red Cross to address the immediate problem which we wholeheartedly support.

We encourage you to visit ,save and purchase from Your E-Store http://hurrybuy.blogspot.com/ to support the restoration of Haiti. We we keep you posted by subscribing to our e-mail list at drjalee52@gmail.com


NTW said...

Great blog! Haiti needs everything they can get.

Dr. James said...

Yes, we want to help but let them estamblish some oder.