Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cash Cash for Clunkers has helped for us for Clunkers ...Is This a Good Idea?

The government is giving all older car owners $4,500 to buy a new car. The idea is to take gas burners off the road and newer more environmental cars on it. This creates jobs and stimulates the economy. The program was so successful that 2billion more will be added.

The old cars should be recycled and the materials be refined to make more green products. We need more ideas like this to get us started. We need more jobs. I hope people buy more American cars.

In conclusion, Cash for Clunkers is good for now. Will we buy cars without a program? Can we create more jobs? Will the environment get better? Does it reduce the cost of gas? All of these questions must be addressed. It is a good idea to get this economy started. Now, we need health care and more jobs....


viva-lasvegas said...

give $4500 cash, take back $7000. (a new car costs $25000 x 6 years loan plus x.xx% interest and governement tax)

Dr. James said...

This is a good deal that creates jobs. We need more ideas that make jobs. Thank you for your information