Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why has Health Care become WAR?

The world is fighting to end an economic recession. Germany and France appears to have turned the corner on their economic problems. Jobs are still in question due to high levels of unemployment. Yet, in The United States, health care reform has been our front page issue.

Is it that we are sicker than our willingness to work? Nearly 10% of our work force has lost their jobs. Almost 46 million people do not have health care. The public has been rather hostile at congressional town hall meetings. There are a number of people wearing arms.

The public is fighting over the idea of the government offering a public option to insure people vs. a co-op partnership between the private sector and the government. The hope is to reduce cost and make the entire system more competitive.

In conclusion, The President has lost a great deal of momentum on this particular issue. The opposition believes if they can stop health care reform, they will in turn, stop the presidency. Why is it that our culture is so war oriented? We fight when it is time to compromise. We battle when it is time to think. Perhaps we need more time to mature as a nation? The issue is simple at best. Reduce cost, cut waste and preventive coverage are the key elements to a healthier nation. Please tell me what do you think?


Leigh Goessl said...

This happened to the last administration too. And the one before that.

Healthcare is a serious issue, but honestly I'm of the belief the current system would work fine IF a lot of reform was made. However between the lawsuits, high insurance hosts and plain old green, this has corrupted the traditional system the U.S. has had. If efforts were focused on fixing those factors, it would be a lot more cost-effective and beneficial to all. Lower costs and more people can afford to buy their own insurance. If people can't afford to buy health insurance, are they going to be able to afford the forthcoming monstrous taxes?

I'm in full agreement that we battle when it's time to think. Unfortunately for whatever reason it seems as if politicians (both parties) prefer division and this attitude spreads to the masses. Doesn't matter the's always the same.

Leigh Goessl said...

*correction, plain old GREED, not green :)

Dr. James said...

Our educational system and history dose not help us here on how we approach problem solving. The Canadians, French and Germans have learned that cooperation goes further and better. We need a more academic understanding of the national and world good. The Romans of old ran into the same problem. Great comment and thinking...Thank you so much.

Tricia said...

I think it's totally ridiculous what is going on in the US. America needs a Health Care System. All countries do.

The problem is that the US was raised on so much propaganda from all sides. People just don't know what is best for them and follow others blindly.

I honestly think Obama is rushing this far too much. There isn't a clear plan and not enough details and planning are involved. The best thing would be to do a lot of research into other countries Health Care Systems and come up with a clear plan.

I find it insane when I see polls that state that 80% (not sure exact number) of people are happy with their Health Care in the US. It's great and your happy until you get ill or have an acceident and need it. Then your insurance goes through all your medical records to look for anything that they can disqualify you for. A simple yeast infection perhaps. If you can no longer work and lose you job. Your Health insurance is gone. Who can people live this way? I couldn't.

I heard an interesting statistic the other day regarding bankruptcy in the US. 50% of people who file for bankruptcy, it is because of medical bills. It's just wrong!

People should have to live under this stress. Health Care should be provided for by your government. It doesn't make you a Socialist or a Communist.

It simply means that you and your government cares enough about your people and country to provide the minimum care for it's people to live long and healthy lives.

Anonymous said...

It isn't health care. It is republicans trying to turn ugly at every turn.

C said...

I was also wondering the same thing...but from the other side of the world...I think it's even more hard to understand from way over here... :)