Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are We Going in The Right Direction?

The worst may be over. Wall Street is making money, the banks are showing a profit, and people are buying cars. Yet, unemployment is high and health care is in a huge fight. Are we getting out of this recession? Are we on the right road?

Lately. there have been protest regarding the role of government. If a program seems to have problems, people will question what the heck is going on these people? There are people screaming leave health care alone. I wonder why?

The world is in need of direction. People need to know that some one is in charge and cares about the average person. War changes this dramatically. We need peace. Our economy needs to reset and fight for full employment. Everyone should have a job.

In conclusion, we need leadership to pave the way to a new world. Columbus wanted to find a new way to riches. We too must find our way to full employment, health care and a stronger education. Then we all (over the world) will find the right direction for ourselves.

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