Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Impact Did Micheal Jackson Have?

Micheal J. Jackson was named "The King of Pop." The song "thriller," is the largest selling reccord in the world. The question is, how did he move the world? Micheal wrote a song entitled,"We are The World."

Moreover, Micheal Jackson was born and moved by the advent of technology. He went from home movies in black and white to being Twitted to announce his death. Millions of people watched him on TV, YouTube, and MTV. His music made of dance and smile.

In conclusion, Micheal Jackson is and was The King of Pop. The world can be a strange place as it relates to life and death. This should give us all pause to reflect on fame and fortune. Our lives are so precious. We must do the basics. Love our children. Show love to our young people. We must embrace our seniors with love and respect. Rest in peace Micheal Jackson.

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