Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Is Moving in New Directions

Time is taking on new meaning to me. Some days it appears to be moving slowly. Then there are days when time is moving fast. I guess it depends on the what is going on this time on my life.

Death ran big the past week. Ed McMahon, Fara Fassett, Ed Devillia,and Micheal Jackson, all died so fast. Perhaps it is a sense of tremendous lost. I grew up with these people on my T.V.

We must think more about the real issues in life. People are losing jobs fast. I still see people losing their homes. Health care is a real problem. I am still concerned about the lack of urban education as well.

In conclusion, life and time are one. It is what we make it. If we move at at a slow pace., then it would appear that it moves slowly. If we work fast then time goes fast. These are difficult days and we must think through each issue. We need to care more about each other and show love when and where we can. Time is life.

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