Monday, June 22, 2009

Jobs, Health Care and Freedom

The three biggest issues facing the nation and the world are wrapped-up in these three particular ares of concern. The question is ,at what price are we willing to pay to make it happen? Perhaps the real price is too costly.

America needs to look closely at Canada. Health is a right. The people are living longer. The quality of life is sound. Government is for the people and by the people. Secondly, We need more jobs. People need work and income. How can we create more jobs world-wide? Finally, people need freedom. We grow when the air is free. Things happen when people can express new ideas with fear nor intimidation.

In conclusion,the time is right to do what is proper and righteous. People need to work, be healthy and be free. Is this asking too much? Are so consumed by our own desires that we can allow billions to make it on their own? What if everyone gave-up 10% of their income to receive 100 times more in life? Let us live, work and be free in a healthier world.

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