Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Health- Care

America needs heath-care reform. We need to reduce cost, expand coverage, and preventive care are the key components of any real plan. Wall-mart should get involved at a comprehensive level. They understand cutting cost.

The idea of people getting rich off of the ill is a moral question. America needs to look carefully at the Canadian System to make true cost cutting and coverage. This could be a chance to improve business performance.

America needs to take a hard look at what can be done. Hillary Clinton was knocked down in her attempt to reform health-care. The future of our aging population is in the balance. The future is being driven by young people. They must pay for all the bills we are acquiring at present.

If we are able to rebuild our economy, roads, and now health-care will make America well positioned for the future. Education will be the next area of major concern. The new administration appears to be highly intelligent. We need people who think first, consult the stakeholders, and then take measured steps to whats' best at that time, and for the long-term.

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