Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Power of God and The Joy of Jesus Now

Everyone wants to know the end game. People can not wait to learn when the end will happen. The real question is what should one dot be ready for the end?

Jesus said that no one knows the end but God. However, we need to know what we should be doing as time moves on to that particular time?

Jesus told His disciples to watch, pray and be ready. That advise is as good as one could ever receive. We pray that God's will be done.

The Joy of Jesus is our salvation. We pray for the Lords, righteousness, truth, peace, faithfulness and word of God in Christ Jesus. We love the Lord. We pray for the day of His return.

Jesus gave His life and shed His blood so that we may live forever. Jesus and His full joy is to return and set all things right. The power of God raised Him from the dead and will return Jesus with all power, honor and glory.

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