Saturday, April 3, 2010

Are People going to Church online The Joy of Jesus Church

People are becoming more attracted to online churches. The Joy of Jesus Church has been online for over ten years. We pray for people of all faiths. We offer Scripture and study guides for all people. The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee welcomes all people to pray for all people in the love that Jesus will give.

The Joy of Jesus Church is all about Hope and Opportunity. We have all the tools to develop faith. Also we offer the tools for opportunities: Jobs, Health Care, Business Development, Media Center, Poverty Center, Peace and Non-Violence Center, Education and Scholarship Program. We offer a Green Technology Simplex as well to all people.

The Joy of Jesus Church still needs support to make our programs available to all people. We have a free toolbar that raises money for the needy without expense to you. Our sponsors will contribute to us if you visit as well. You may wish to donate directly to help us help others in need. Yes more people are attending church online. The joy of Jesus Church is open for all of your love

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