Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shopping Online Helps The Joy of Jesus Church

The Joy of Jesus Church opens "Your E-Store ." We have all of your big named stores to help you save money today. Ten percent of our profits goes to help the needy through the Red Cross. The Jot of Jesus Church's Pastor is The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee.

Our new E-Store is just another component to advance our social-economic agenda to help people move through some rather challenging times. Our goal is to create jobs. In addition, we have other centers: Education; Business, Parenting Skills, Green Technology/Business, Health Care and a Poverty Research Center as well. Our media services promote business and hope.

The new E-Store is just what consumers need to spend and save. Plus, we help people in innovative ways. We encourage you to visit us and tell a friend. The Joy of Jesus Church is open for all people and faiths.
please share this story with your contacts and donate to this worthy venture.

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