Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Real Help in Parenting Today

Press Release:
Dr. James A. Lee
5050 LSD
Chicago,IL 60615

A New Resouce for Parenting Skills for Families

A new Parenting Skills Center opened by The Joy of Jesus Church Ministries Program We are committed to helping families with positive life choices regarding our families, stated, Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor. Parents need more resources to manage the proper skills to raise their families today given life's challenges.

The Joy of Jesus has been aggressive in terms of providing resources and information through their various services. For example: The Business In.;The Educational Center, The Poverty research Center, Jobs/Career Center and Health Center are all open to all people. We also opened The Lee Bible University for studies in faith.

Do visit our Parenting Skill Center and share this information with young families in particular. It is important to give to The Joy of Jesus Church to continue our goal of social economic development for all people. These are the time when ones greatest investment is in ones family.
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We specialize in business promotions, marketing and management for over thirty years. We also have experience in social networking.

Dr.James A. Lee

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Anonymous said...

Is it that parents need more resources or more courage? Today's society is so permissive that many parents "go along to get along."