Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Health Care Info Service

Press Release;
Dr. James A. Lee
5050 LSD
Chicago, IL 60615

A New Health Care info Service Center(on-line)

A new health care resource has been developed by The Joy of Jesus Church on-line by Pastor, Rev. Dr. James A. Lee This service is design to provide individuals with quick and pertinent information regarding health services and information.

The Joy of Jesus is rapidly assembling information in an easy format to help people get a strong start on the services they need. health care is Sn important service to all. We want to help in a rather complicated area of society to provide relevant information fast.

The Health Care Info. Service Center is one of other services the Jot of Jesus online Church has established. The Jobs/Career Center, The Educational Center and The Business Development Institute are the main components to help fight poverty. We will continue to serve the on-line community to the best information consolidated in the Internet.


Dr.James A. Lee

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