Thursday, February 11, 2010

Business Directory

New International Business Directory (I.B.D) Launched

The need for businesses to re-connect has become overwhelming given the economic recovery. Businesses must re-align their missions to meet the future demands of change. Dr. James A. Lee, creator of Promoting Your Business/Blog has developed," The International Business Directory" as a free service to connect business to business services. The Registry will allow businesses to promote their companies using all of the social networking features to market their services. This tool will dramatically help small businesses and home based businesses as well.

Hopefully our directory will generate more jobs for the future. The world needs more jobs and activity to drive the economy to new heights. Small Businesses need additional means of communicating their services, good, and products without the traditional expenses of the past.

Interested parties may visit Promoting Your Business/Blog to gain access to this system while it is of no cost. This is an ideal opportunity to allow U.S. ,Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America to share business services as well as Australia. We are optimistic that this new service will be a means of economic development that will further promote prosperity.


Dr.James A. Lee


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Tom Watson said...

Get in now and establish your profile. The Lord is moving mightily in the Kingdom. We should all stand up and be recognized as Christian Businesses or Enterpreneurs. If Chick-fil-A did it. Surely we can too. Busienss Directory