Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is The Race Card getting Old?

President Jimmy Carter(former) suggested that race may be a factor in how President Obama is being threatened by some representatives and the public. This comment has alarmed the media to raise the world famous race card. People are getting just a little tried of it.

The real problem is money. People are really struggling today. Prices appear to rising and income is rather limited if you have a job. T%he battle over health care reform is so ill-timed. We need jobs and less taxes. We need to cut prices and have some fun. The question of race is ugly. There are too many problems that make even worst.

Racial history is so painful. Slavery, The Civil War and all war make this issue so sensitive we cannot discuss it in mixed company. At some point it must end. The question is when and how?

In closing, we need more ideas on the larger issues of jobs,taxes, war and the quality of life for people all over the world. Our educational systems must seek solutions. We need the people with money to invest in poverty. We need more jobs to help people live out their dreams. It appears that the race card has a way of stealing our dreams away and turns life into a nightmare. We need hope and skills to deal with the new world before us.


C said...

Yes. The race card is getting old. And I don't think that anyone even thinks about it anymore, really.

Ahsan said...

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Tricia said...

The "race card" really over used. It's like, if you're white and you disagree with Obama, you are a racist. This is not true. I have seen people on TV, white pople who voted for Obama that no longer support him because of his decisions. Are they now racist? I think not, if they were to start with, they wouldn't have voted for him. Now, I am not saying that there are not racists out there, there are. But, not everyone who dislikes Obama is one.

Fantastic question and post as usual.

nothing profound said...

People look for any excuse to discount those who disagree with them. When reason fails the race card comes in handy.

Lauren said...

Personally, I think the race card is just a distraction. When people don't have answers they hurl whatever they can. I'm just surprised it didn't include the kitchen sink or rather the toilet bowl.

People have knee-jerk reactions to emotional issues and fall back into using simple childish insults. The fact that he is an African American President makes him an easier target for childish retorts.

In my town the other day, my son saw a group of three or four elderly folks with signs that said, "Don't kill granny," in reference to the health reform bill. This nation needs to take one collective breath then read and listen to unbiased news reports before shooting off their mouths.

Anonymous said...

I'm replying slightly off topic; A family member dropped by the other day and told us how someone he knew had a family reunion for the descendants of Mr. Whatshisname, at his time a fellow of some importance here in Australia. A historian then brought up the fact that Mr. Whatshisname was black. His descendants looked at her (the historian) and went: "Well that explains the hair." At the time he was convicted nobody thought it was of any importance or relevance to write down the fact he was indeed black.

Don't know about you, but that's the kind of world I'd like to live in.

TJ Lubrano said...

Oh this was very interesting to read! There are so many new developments and problems in the world that throwing in the race card ever time things are getting though...well it's getting really old. I'm not saying that it can't be the case, but to rely on this as a back up is just too easy. Indeed, we need to broaden our horizon and think of new solutions and ideas to solve the existing problems.

Thanks for sharing ^_^!